The Native American Credo is our message in the bottle Areaventi's Manifesto for the future.


Our mission: creating sustainable and suitable solutions matching the needs of productivity and efficiency.

Areaventi is skilled in EHS – Environment, Health & Safety- market. Its goal is provide support to enterprises and persons as in concepting, designing and implementing ecosostenible solutions as well in ottimizoptimizing business models and processes in full compliance with all the applicable rules and business needs

Areaventi is aware that EHS, rather than representing a compliance cost for the entrepeneur, is the best opportunity

to optimize the company‚Äôs production cycle and business processes, representing a distinguish element, the real PLUS in the competition among the other players. The respect of the environment, health and safetyIt must represent the distinctive sign of the company’s business, an economic and at the same time an ethic value.

Areaventi operates in a responsible and sustainable way in the areas of consulting, training and design.

Consultancy and assistance in the desing and implementation of tailor-made projects, for companies willing to optimize their business processes, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring the sustainability of their own production cycle and business model, respecting the territory and the stakeholders needds at the same time.

Development of projects for prevention, monitoring and safety, for the health of public environments, schools, offices, gyms, swimming pools and private as public spaces fully populed.

Training and 24-hours-a-day assistance for HSE Managers, RSPP Managers (Head of the Prevention and Protection Service), DPO (Data Protection Officer),

throug a continuos updating on each sector regulations and on the best practices.

Selection and marketing of low environmental impact and eco-sustainable products and solutions .

Promotion and protection of corporate brands and their positioning in their own relevant market;

Development of new products for the defense of health, for furnishing public and private environments;

Implementation of projects for the environmental requalification and energy efficiency of buildings;

During the pandemic, three professional joined their own different skill and experience merging into a new company. They have combined professional skills with creativity into a common entrepeneural spirit to find out and experiment new business models having as a target the environmental low impact and eco-sustenable business solutions.

That is Areaventi



img Paolo Todaro


img Andrea Scorzoni