``The Earth is not an inheritance received from our Fathers, but a loan to be repaid to our children``.

Innovative technology for the defense of plants grown both in greenhouse and in the open field.


The New Way for EHS

Areaventi is skilled in EHS - Environment, Health & Safety - market. Its goal is provide support to enterprises and persons in concepting, designing and implementing ecosostenible solutions``
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Sanitation and Disinfection for
Public and Private Environments 

Areaventi provides for Sanitization & Disinfection systems through Ozone generator machines. Ozone is a natural biocide which allows to keep safe and protect the atmosphere against virus, bacteria and pathogens. It is extremely suitable to keep safe and protect work-environment and public space such as hotels, tourist centers, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, nurseries, laboratories, Sporting Centers, gyms, swimming pools s, Shopping Centers, Public Offices, Parks and Schools. It is an effective and lasting response over time for the COVID emergency.



Areaventi is a professional hub where a selected team of professionals, experts and entrepreneurs involved in different fields as scientific research, design, engineering, economics and legal & administrative matters, shares their own skill and experience for the design and implementation of the business solutions.
Each project is developed from A to Z along with any needed support including tax, legal and administrative advice.
A success story
in the Covid-19 emergency

A successful partnership between Areaventi and Eurostands – leader in Europe – present in UAE since 2020 – in designing and production of exhibition stands – which set a line-production dedicate to the COVISTOP barriers manufacturing during the COVID emergency period


Training courses and 24 hours-a-day assistance for HSE Managers, RSPP (Head of the Prevention and Protection Service), DPO (Data Protection Officer).

How to get
the Superbonus 110%

AREAVENTI’s solution aimed at obtaining the 110% Superbonus, offers a proposal for the integrated energy requalification of the building-plant system, specifically designed to improve the efficiency of its building, supporting each phase of the building development, to reduce energy needs, and on plants, to optimize energy production.

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