Protection systems and counter barriers designed for the safety and hygiene of workers who work in direct contact with the public.
The solution designed by AREAVENTI and produced and marketed by EUROSTANDS. An anti-coronavirus barrier, designed to protect those who work in close contact with the public and are forced not to leave their workplace from contagion.
The COVISTOP project
Protecting those working in contact with the public was the priority. This is the goal of COVISTOP (Control and Supervision Strategies for the Health of Operators), a complete line of devices to protect public environments, companies and businesses from the spread of viruses and bacteria. Conceived and designed by architect Alessandro Ballocchi (AREAVENTI), produced and marketed by Eurostands. A practical and effective response that comes from one of the most important world companies in the design and production of stands (Eurostands) to support the operators of those sectors that cannot stop in the face of the Covid-19 emergency.
articolo Covistop
Eurostands’ response to the Coronavirus emergency.

From the construction of stands to the creation of products for the safety of people