The Network

AREAVENTI Network, born within the ASE project, is a network of Professionals and Companies capable of developing integrated interventions of energy requalification and classification and static consolidation of buildings in a coordinated way, from the survey, budgeting and project phases to the execution of works and final certifications.

The aim that prompted AREAVENTI to share the know-how acquired over many years of experience was to create a NETWORK capable of addressing the issue of energy and anti-seismic redevelopment and efficiency of buildings in an innovative and integrated perspective, which combines the specific experiences and skills of all partners with the aim of satisfying the new needs of the market with particular regard and sensitivity to issues related to environmental protection and safety.

AREAVENTI Network represents a qualified contractor able of providing solutions for all the Energy and Seismic Redevelopment matters, from the single-family house to the condominium: the insulation of walls and roofs, high-performance windows, the construction and management of systems that use renewables sources to integrate traditional fossil resources, remote management, thermoregulation and heat accounting systems, structural stability checks and consolidation models are all interconnected and interdependent areas of intervention that require an approach and design which is as inclusive and integrated as possible.

The solutions proposed by AREAVENTI Network are aimed at reducing energy consumption (environmental impact), saving on gas and electricity bills (economic impact), structural redevelopment (safety impact), fundamental objectives for obtaining the Ecobonus and Sismabonus at 110%.

Our Partners