Areaventi has conceived and designed solutions to restart the School in Safety
These are our proposals:
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Ozone disinfection

Sanitation through Ozone Disinfection: Public Transport (Buses, Metro wagons) can be sanitized using, in the disinfection phase, Ozone. This activity can be scheduled on a daily basis and is effective, safe, with “zero” environmental impact, it does not require consumables and interventions on the existing infrastructures. The ozone disinfection system allows public transport to be kept safe and protected from viruses, bacteria and pathogens, proving to be an effective and lasting response over time for the COVID-19 emergency, constituting a permanent barrier to the spread of seasonal diseases that encounter in public transport a place of formidable diffusion.


Thermoscanner (Omitech) with face recognition, mask use verification and data log. Our devices have been created as “medical devices” for immediate detection of people’s body temperature, the use of masks, facial recognition, people counting and the possibility of recording and conveying data to the body responsible for the control and monitoring necessary to ensure prevention. The activity of measuring the temperature and checking the correct use of the mask are accompanied by written and audible signals.

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Passive protection systems

The Covistop (TM) range of products allows you to protect pupils, teaching and auxiliary staff through the use of different systems such as modular, easy-to-place, removable, immediate-use, easy-to-place, easy-to-install, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, maintenance-free columns with automatic dispenser for the distribution of ozone-based sanitizing gel designed for boys, partitions and transparent visors. These systems have the advantage of providing an immediate response to the danger of contagion without requiring changes to the current school infrastructure or interventions of any kind within the school premises.

Temporary structures

The solutions that Areaventi proposes to overcome the COVID emergency is completed with the offer of the design and preparation of new Temporary Structures capable of increasing the number of classrooms available in safety, guaranteeing, where the school structure allows it, the best social distancing. . Both disinfection systems and COVISTOP (TM) passive protection systems can naturally find their place inside the mobile structures.

Corsi di Formazione
Training Courses

Areaventi provides free (The basic course) courses – on site and remotely – training courses for both the personnel involved in the management of protection systems, and for school staff – teaching and auxiliary – providing the necessary information to prevent contagion from COVID and the ways in which to manage any contagion situations.


Areaventi propone un intervento sugli arredi esistenti (banchi, cattedre, armadietti, ecc…) con vernici e pellicole battericidi.

AREAVENTI, if required, is able to organize dedicated inspections to verify the different needs and, subsequently, develop a customized project.



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