Alessandro Ballocchi

“The design activity develops by following, with sensitivity and respect, the indications from the typical characteristics, energies and beauty that make every space, every place and every relationship unique”.

Architect, owner of Studio Arkit & Partners since 2000, he has collaborated with various national associations producing materials and construction systems on the issues of LCA and energy saving. From 1995 to 1998 assistant of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence of Technology II with specialization in the field of bioclimatic technologies and architecture.

Founder in 1995 of the Nuovo Ambiente Association (Observatory of eco-sustainable systems and technologies), he organized, in collaboration with SAIE, ABITA and ENEA, important exhibitions and training meetings on issues related to the environment, sustainability of doing and energy with particular attention to the scientific declination and validation of the selected solutions.

Energy manager for the transformation project of the Polyclinic of Monteluce (Perugia), he conceived and developed the C2L project, the first example (2002/2006) of an “almost zero” impact house in Europe.

Creator of the COVISTOP project and of the products / systems proposed, he is an expert in health policies and interactions between the environment and well-being.

Registration in the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of Bologna at n ° 2742

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