Andrea Scorzoni

Andrea Scorzoni has been working in the world of communication for over 30 years. He began by dealing with Theater and Cinema. Having gained solid experience in the multimedia world, in the 90s he devoted himself to film production, first as an Executive Producer and later as an Independent Producer. He has made feature films and documentaries, as well as programs for the small screen. He is the author of television formats. In the 2000s he held the position of Director of Telelazio-Reteblu and became a member of the management staff of Sat2000 (currently Tv2000) television of the Italian Episcopal Conference. He specializes in the creation of social and public service programs, characterized by the use of a language that is attentive to the present and innovative narrative forms.

Always looking for differentiated communication techniques, in 2006 he founded the digital platform, a multimedia agency that distributes on the Web in nine languages, news related to the life of the Official Church, contributions provided to news from all over the world. He is also a founding member of, an online journalistic information channel dedicated to the socio-cultural events of Catholics around the world.

In 2007 he published the text “Towards a mass media ethics” for the Art publishing house

Today he promotes a new subjective communication. Aware of the need for a cultural revolution that invades the world of the web, it applies itself in the dissemination of clear, fair and shareable ethical principles, believing that it is now necessary to promote the common good and put that of a world community before the individualistic vision. Those who manage the social media, argues Scorzoni, are called to take a huge step forward. It is necessary that they make web users aware, mature and therefore free. The barbarism of the last twenty years is destined to be replaced by the positive aspects of global communication. The era of man’s abuse of man will end when the multimedia language will give birth to a new, evolved and intelligent form.

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