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I (don’t) know you mask …

The governors of Campania and Lazio have already adopted the measure and with the next Prime Ministerial Decree the government will also extend the mandatory use of outdoor masks.

Meanwhile, in less than a week going around Rome, I saw convinced anti-smugglers draw out their cigar in the corner of their mouth that not even Hemingway at aperitif time on the Havana seafront. People who instead wear the zuava mask, lowered on the draft and with the nose out to breathe. Some wear it like the melancholy John Wayne wore a handkerchief around his neck in the western “El Grinta”: as a kind of antiseptic bavarola. Young people, in their absolute nature, are more realistic; under the age of 20 you don’t just carry. Always better than the category of those who instead of the mask have a sort of flattened pouch in which to keep extra germs and bacteria and ultra Covid-19.

We are sure that the use of the mask is essential to protect others from themselves and themselves from others, just as we are convinced that such an obligation is difficult to respect by the entire population, subject to the obligation but free to be able to interpret it at will. (and interest).

The real challenge is to create solutions (exist) to make the workplace, the schools where our children go and the houses where we are free to invite whoever we want to go. Clean and disinfected public transport where we travel and where we do not want to get infected with Covid, nor catch a cold or worse.

Environmental sanitation is the goal to be achieved; a total, safe and, obviously, periodic sanitation. Otherwise we will continue to wear masks more to protect others from our hypocrisy than from our bacterial outbursts.

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